Redmetal Rosé 2019


Redmetal Rosé 2019

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Menu: Matched with Culprit.'s Orange

Redmetal Rosé 2019

A pale coloured, dry Mediterranean style wine with red fruit flavours and a savoury finish. An eminently drinkable and very food friendly style of wine best served lightly chilled.


About Redmetal Vineyards

Redmetal Vineyards began in 1991 with the planting of a north facing 8-hectare block of prime viticultural land in the Bridge Pa Triangle sub-region of Hawke's Bay.

This is a part of New Zealand renowned for it's agricultural excellence.  The vineyard is on the old bed of the Ngaruroro River with free-draining river gravels (locally known as red metals) being the crucial factor in making high quality wine.

The Bridge Pa Triangle is situated at latitude 39⁰ south, about the same distance from the equator as Madrid in the northern hemisphere. We don’t get their temperature extremes, but concentrated fruit flavours are produced by a long, slow ripening season.